Over View and beyond

Over View is a project born out of many questions. As a platform giving space to the thoughts of the invited curators and of course, giving space to the ideas and visions of the artists without proposing contexts, theories, or any other possibly troubling or opinionating distraction. The result is simply a collection of global visions: connected like a string of pearls, each work of art displays its own story, within a story. Each spectator will watch these stories and from his own perspective, undoubtedly geographically and culturally influenced and coloured, he will reflect.

Along the way, as different audiences in different countries watched these different visions new questions inevitably popped up again. Instead of answering them, Over View kept close to the initial concept to provide and share a platform. Young art historians were invited to display their vision on either the selection of their own country to gain more insight into context, history and artistic developments, or to share their thoughts while investigating the selection of another country.

Through these investigations, these essays, Over View hopes to not only transmit knowledge and understanding, but also to display the string that connects the pearls. Or, as Antonieta Sibaja quotes Georges Didi Huberman in her essay: se que nous voyons, ce qui nous regarde.




Anneke Schulenberg | 'Lost in Translation? Video art by Egyptian female artists' | the Netherlands



Phoebe Man | 'Very Personal and Very Political: Experimental films and Videos in Hong Kong' | Hong Kong



Antonieta Sibaja Hidalgo | 'Historical Sequences In Movement' | Costa Rica