Sarah Vandepeer for dLux Media Arts

Sarah Vandepeer is a Sydney based Arts Manager, Curator and Writer who holds a Masters in Art Curatorship with Merit from the University of Sydney and undergraduate degrees in Visual Arts and Art History from the Australian National University.  Sarah Vandepeer was the Curator, Exhibitions and Touring Manager at dLux Media Arts and a features writer for Artist Profile magazine. She is currently freelancing for Australian art publications whilst pursuing an Executive Masters at University of Sydney.
She has seven years experience in the commercial gallery sector and she was Gallery Manager at Stella Downer Fine Art in Sydney from 2009 – 2013.  In 2013 she received a scholarship from Christie’s and the University of Sydney to work in the Impressionist and Modern Art Department at Christie’s King Street in London and previously she worked internationally at Red Gate Gallery during 2011, when she completed a curatorial residency in Beijing developing Two Generations: 20 Years of Red Gate Gallery - an international touring exhibition. From 2013 - 2014 she managed a major visual arts project: Your Friend the Enemy commemorating the centenary of the ANZACS at Gallipoli with an artist tour to Turkey, international touring exhibition, a special issue of Artist Profile magazine, a blog and television documentary.

dLux MediaArts is one of Australia's key screen and media arts organisations, committed to supporting the development, engagement and experience of contemporary screen and digital media culture. Research into emerging technologies and media arts practices, partnership development between public and private sector, curation and touring of digital media arts exhibitions and digital skills development.

With over thirty years experience in supporting visual artists working with emerging technologies, dLux Media Arts are at the forefront of media arts in Australia. Reflecting our purview and the broad scope of contemporary video art in this country, dLux have chosen seven emerging and established Australian artists to participate in Over View: LIAM BENSON, JULIA DAVIS, JOHN A. DOUGLAS, TONY LAWRENCE, LIAM O’BRIEN, NICOLA WALKERDEN.




Curatorial Statement

"Curated by Exhibitions and Touring Manager Sarah Vandepeer, the dLux Media Arts Over View program facilitates a psychological journey. Drawing on representational genres of portraiture and landscapes: geographic, interior and imaginary; the dLux program draws on recognisable Australian iconography and current social motifs to resonate current dialectics and contemporary cultural identities.  This half hour program has been curated to take the audience on an unhurried emotional and intellectual journey; the viewer is invited to traverse a range of spaces, locating specific contemporary Australian culture among the broader spectrum of universal human experience. Works are linked together by a series of recurrent motifs, drawing a continuous line through a wide and varied range of works. "

- Sarah Vandepeer