Phoebe Man

Touch The Moon

2014, 4 min 49 sec  

Light is the basic element of moving images. Different ways have been used to transform light in “Touch the Moon”. The method is kind of sculptural, that is, to treat images as raw material and use addition, subtraction and repetition methods to build and carve the images. It is also kind of mathematical and experimental. However, on the other hand, human touch has been added onto the images. Subtle feelings were conveyed through the touch of the “screen”. For the artist, the process of making video and trying different things was a process of discovery and self-exploration. It showed feeling directly and is kind of abstract.

The whole work was produced in a small enclosed space which reflected the living environment in Hong Kong. It is always packed and small. The physical space created a psychological effect which urged the artist to make the video clean, quiet and focus.