Willem Sluyterman van Loo


De Glimlach Van Een Kind (A Child's Smile)


Willem Sluyterman van Loo (Amsterdam, b.1986) completed his study Documentary photography at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague in 2011. During his studies, he became intregued by the world of news.
While studying, Willem worked as a freelance photojournalist for newspapers and as an editor for tv programmes Nieuwsuur ('Newshour') and College Tour. Since early 2014 he focuses on portrait photography.

"During my internships at the newspaper NRC Handelsblad and TV-programme Newshour, and in my jobs at these media after graduating, I became interested in news, and by the fact that breaking news often is a 'physically' small event.
Elderly care was a big issue during the 2010/2011 Dutch parlementary election. Society worried about the lack of personel in nursery homes. In this film, I try to portray the youngest generation of employees in this branche: the interns who are being trained to take care of our elderly people. I looked for the interaction between the interns and their patients in a nursery home. Thereby, I have searched for a balance between image and sound.”