Nikki Walkerden


2012, 5 min 20 sec
Writer, Director, Camera, Editor - Nikki Walkerden
Sound - Mark Della-Libera


Drawing from a fusion of Australian and European imagery, NICOLA WALKERDEN facilitates a fragmentary journey into the landscape as metaphor for mining the psyche.  The ambiguity of the title of her exhibited work, X, denotes the unknown. The first person narrative of this work facilitates a personal journey through surreal spaces that are imbued with an eerie dissociative quality. Like a pounding heart, the beating drum soundtrack suggests this work is not only a physical journey through a montage of times but also a parallel journey through interiority; physical, psychological and architectural.

Nikki Walkerden is a performance artist creating works through 16mm film, digital media, sculpture and installation, inquiring into screen culture and the body. Connections between moving imagery, direct experience, materiality and the nervous system are discussed as comparable. Meditating on ritual in storytelling, time and physical thresholds are exposed through investigating corporeality, structures, nature and the abject. Montages of interrupted consciousness in the revival of the record, works exist in fictional territories navigating in and out of a dream-like darkness. Evocative of the processes of the mind, there are character explorations in the landscape traversing cinema, theatre and life.