Karla Solano

Hogar / Sewing
videoperformance, 5:59, 2005


Karla Solano (1971) studied Photography in the University of Costa Rica and had a Bachelor in Adversing Design at the Veritas University, Costa Rica. From 2007 to 2010 se was the director of Digital Photography Career at Universidad Creativa and Art professor at Blue Valley School, Costa Rica. Some solo exhibitions are: "Vanitas", Goethe Institute, Costa Rica (1995), "Se Permuta", Museum of Art and Contemporary Design, Costa Rica (1999),"Simposium of Central American Art", National Gallery, Costa Rica (2000), "Geographies", Exterior Art, streets of San José, Costa Rica (2000), "En mis Laureles", Teorética, Costa Rica (2006), "Concealed Wishes ", Carlos Woods Gallery, Guatemala (2007), Installation on Nor'East University, Resistencia Argentina (2009), "Skin Moulting" MADC Costa Rica (2010) and "Geometrical Body" Teruel Spain (2013). Several works were at collective exhibitions in Cuba, Italy, Mexico, El Salvados, New York, Brasil, Venezuela, China, Colombia, Dominican Republic and Neatherlands. She won the National Prize in Arts (photography) Aquileo J. Echeverria, Costa Rica (2011) and other recognitions in Costa Rica and other countries.

This video is a metaphor for the pain that comes from deficiency. In this case, by a useless project of building a project – a home – that in the creation process is doomed to dismantling.