Jasper Bruijns


Welterusten (Goodnight)


Jasper Bruijns (b. 1989) grew up in Breda, The Netherlands, as one of  an identical twin. At a young age he was interested in video and at the age of 16 he started a technical video study. During this study he moved to Stockholm for a period where he worked as an interim with video-artists as Johan Junker and Deniel Eslkils.
In 2010 Jasper applied to the art-academy St. Joost in Breda. There he studied under the supervision of filmmakers like Noud Heerkens, Marijke de Bie, Anne van der Putte, Iris Sikking and Rieks Soepenberg. He had the opportunity to experiment with film and to start developing his own filmmaking style. During his time in college he also worked at the production company Volya Films in Rotterdam with filmmakers as Stelle van Voorst van Beest, Ingeborg Jansen, Marleine van der Werf and Marco de Stefanis.

The film Welterusten (Goodnight) shows nightly Rotterdam. A modern metroplis where light never dims and where unseen loneliness dwells in emptiness. Someone stays awake and anonymously listens, talks and encourages lost souls for a goodnight sleep. That doesn’t always work out well. The night is patient and does not know what is happening, waiting for a new day.

With his short film Welterusten Jasper Bruijns did not only finish his studies succesfully but he also won the ‘TENT Academy Award 2014’ for best video art work for graduation students as well as the ‘Open Public Award’ . His work was nominated for the Tuschinski Award, the Dioraphte Award and the FPN Producenten Award. Welterusten has been screened at TENT, Open Plein Bioscoop and Nederlands Film Festival.

At the moment Jasper lives in Breda where he works on his own films and as a documentary cameraman.