Inaïssa Touré




My name is Inaïssa Touré (b. 1993 Bamako), I graduated from the College of Arts and Literature, section drama. Now I am studying drama at the INA (National Art Institute of Mali) in the third year.  From Malian parents and living in Bamako, I am passionate about the arts in general and in particular the performing arts, that is, theatre and film.

In 2012 I made my debut in cinema during the first edition of Ateliers du Regard where I directed a short film" Djénèba. I also played in several theatre productions at school, and I acted in movies,  sometimes as the lead actress or actress in the second role.

As an actress for film and theatre and as an African filmmaker, my mission is to help to promote my country Mali and Africa in general, as well to improve the vitality of our societies through socio-cultural activities.