Hachim M. Sacko


Frères De Rue (Streetbrothers)


Hachim Mohamed Sacko (b. 1992, Kolokani) finished primary school in 2007 and now he is  studying at the Teachers Training. Since 2010 he is a member of the Walaha team as a photographer and cameraman.
Thanks to Walaha Hachim has been able to take several courses like video and photo editing and graphics. In 2012 he participated in the first edition of Ateliers du Regard, organized by Fémis (the French Academy for sound and image in Paris)  in collaboration with the French embassy, CNCM (National Centre for Cinematographie of Mali) and Groupe Walaha. Here he initiated in camera, editing and production.
In 2013 he registered for courses in multi media communication and the applied arts. That same year he was selected for a workshop for making video art at Centre Soleil l’Afrique, the centre for Malian artists to carry out research, production and presentation of their works, as well as a centre for exchange with artists abroad. Hachim is now working on 2 scripts for fiction films.