Fousseyni Diakité, born in 1978 and of Malian nationality, has a degree in economics DEUG2. However, he only uses his background as an economist to administer the Walaha Group of which he is the initiator. Furthermore he is active as an artist, designer and videographer.
Autodidactic in these disciplines, in 2002 he obtained the first National prize in painting at the "Marché National des arts plastiques" in Mali. Later he participated in several trainings, workshops and art exhibitions in Africa, Europe and the United States.
In 2005 he became involved in fine arts at the School of French expatriates in Bamako, and in 2007 he became  interested in graphic design and video. He created several templates and video’s for companies, festivals and cultural events.
In 2008 he founded with friends L’Espace Walaha, a centre that wants to provide an introduction to and to awaken consciousness of different artistic fields: visual arts, theater, multimedia. With the years the centre becomes a gathering of young people of different qualifications but always in the fields of performing arts, visual arts and multimedia.
In 2011, Fousseyni created the International festival for digital arts and mobile technologies called "Ciné à Dos." This becomes a melting pot of amateurs, professionals and beginners in film and media arts. From these activities, Groupe Walaha was able to form a partnership with Fémis (Paris) and le Centre National du Cinématographie du Mali to set up training workshops for high school students in filmmaking. This project was named "Les Ateliers du Regard".
Since 2012, Fousseyni is a teacher of multimedia communication and the applied arts in several private universities in Bamako. He is also a consultant in cultural events and youth meetings.
He is always looking for opportunities to allow the Malian youth to emancipate and develop through the arts and multimedia.

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Curatorial Statement

"Walaha is a group with different qualifications: it is an extracurricular education for visual and oral arts, information and communications technology.

But most of all Groupe Walaha wants to emphasize that artistic expression should be recognized as an alternative. The visual arts, theatre, dance, storytelling and music are strong elements of Malian culture. They remain the main forms for expression and will be essential in achieving the "Millennium Development Goals".

Our main audience consist of young people and children. We soon realized that we must use the new technologies in search for implementation of development activities. It is in this sense that our motto is "Ensure that the future has a future!"

This mainly determines the choice for the selection of films presented by Mali  for the Over View project. We strive to educate young visions to allow Africa to have a new beginning in the field of media arts."

- Fousseyni Diakité