Carlosmagno Rodrigues


Drop in the Darkness
Carlosmagno Rodrigues, Cris Ventura, Sara Não Tem Nome
6’43’’ | 2011

A movie about the Christian conversion based on the Letters to the Seven Churches, Chapter 2, Verse 19 of the biblical Book of Revelation, which talks about the speeches used for people’s conversion. The movie is filmed with vertical tracking shots that refer to the Hell archetype. A Guatemalan Father is bothered by Dylan, a drunk guy that, with his "spanglish", tries to convince the Father into giving him a Bible. As a matter of fact, Dylan is only interested in the monetary value of the Bible in a country ravaged by Cold War conflicts, by illegal drug trade and by social and economic inequality. The title "Drop in the Darkness" refers to the circumstances in which the soundtrack was recorded in Antiqua - Guatemala, in 2009, showing all the distress caused by loneliness and violence.