Berna Reale


2’56 | 2013


Berna Reale (1965, Belém, Brazil) works with installations and performances. She studied fine arts at the Universidade Federal do Pará and participated in several solo and group exhibitions in Brazil and Europe, such as: Biennial of Cerveira (Vila Nova de Cerveira, Portugal), 2005; Biennial of Photography and Visual Arts (Liège, Belgium) 2006; the show Vazio de Nós, at Museu de Arte do Rio (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), 2013; the show Amazônia – Ciclos da Modernidade, at Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil  (Rio de Janeiro), 2012; and the exhibition "from the margin to the edge", at Somerset House (London, UK), 2012. She received the grand prize of the Salão de Arte Pará (Belém, Brazil), 2009; was selected for the Rumos Visuais - Itaú Cultural, in 2011, and for the PIPA Prize (Brazil), in 2012 and 2013 (being a finalist of the last one).Violence has been, in recent years, her major focus of attention. Reale became a criminal expert at Centro de Perícias Científicas do Estado do Pará, having a privileged perspective of different situations of crime and social conflict. Her performances are planned in order to create a noise that stimulates reflection.

Soledade was filmed in the outskirts of Bélem, in Rua Belém which is part of the drugs trafficking routes in the region. In the performance Berna wears a formal dress and a pearl necklace and stands in an upright position while a golden chariot is being pulled by piglets.
Everyone knows that Illegal trafficking can only function with the fundamental protection from corrupt policemen, these are the instruments of our society. Berna confronts the so-called mob with traditional high society while using the disturbing sounds of the pigs to create an inescapble discomfort.