Awa Traoré and the women at Bollé detention centre  


Prison Ma Maison (Prison, My Home)

"Prison, My Home" is the work of a group of  women held in detention in Bollé, a prison for women in Bamako. The short cut was conducted as part of a training workshop which is annually organized at the Bollé centre. In each edition a group of women follow courses in different arts, particularly in the bogolan technique (mud painting), painting, video and photography. Women in the video section realize a short cut on a topic of their choice.

"Prison, My Home" is dealing with the question of the future of children of women being prisoners in Bollé. It was prodcuced during the video workshop of the 2014 edition, under the supervision of Dicko Traoré and Awa Traoré, both Malian directors. This video workshop has been initiated in 2010 by "ka BE FILM," a Malian organisation for distribution and production of the documentary film.